Pictures of new land

As mentioned, I’ve recently acquired another 12 acres in the Levels. It’s really beautiful, and appears to have been largely cut for hay and grazed. It’s more sheltered and private than the first patch, and with more variety of trees and plant life. Crucially too the field is already a little more uneven, with ruts … More Pictures of new land

Project expanding!

Sep 2017 – I’m delighted to announce that my little rewilding project is expanding! I’ve just acquired another two fields, just a couple of kilometers away from my other land. Obviously I would have loved them to be right next door, but they are still in the same landscape and will fulfill the same function … More Project expanding!

I’m starting my own little rewilding project – and I’m very excited.

Aug 2016 – I’ve bought a field. Yup that’s right, a whole field, with four sides. I’m officially a land owner. And I’m going to try and turn it into a little nature reserve through a gentle process of rewilding. It’s very exciting. I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself, so I … More I’m starting my own little rewilding project – and I’m very excited.

Field in summer

Was down at the field the other day, and it’s looking super summery. Here are a few pictures from the field and its surrounds in late June. In terms of animals – the mammals were lying low when I was there, but there were finches, skylarks, pheasants, wrens, herons, buzzards and a huge number of … More Field in summer