Summer scrape

Wow. We’ve had several weeks of warm weather down in the South West and things have changed dramatically. Most obvious is that both fields are now host to huge numbers of dragonflies and damselflies. Every step sends rattling bolts of electric blue or green in all directions. Hawkers and chasers dash up from the grass to snatch flies from mid air. And there are flies. A lot of them. Clegs as well. I spent some time scything a path and had to wrap my head in a jumper for protection.

The scrape on Waste Drove is coming along nicely. So far the bare ground left around it is mainly being recolonised by grass, but there is a fair bit of meadowsweet pushing through too. I had hoped for more flowers, but clearly the seedbank was too impoverished. Perhaps it is too soon to tell.

The muddy banks by the water are doing their job too, providing space for resting damselfies and butterflies. There are ducks using the pond as well. Four of them at the last count. I’m hoping for ducklings next year. Deer too are coming to drink – there are plenty of hoof marks and a blurry roe deer on one of my camera traps.


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