Autumn quiet

I was recently lucky to spend some proper time down on the marshes. I say lucky because so much is happening at the moment that I rarely get time to just be in the place. I rush down to check camera traps or to make sure things are okay, but am forced to dash back … More Autumn quiet

Rewild our countryside and refarm our cities

As the Covid-19 virus rages, people’s minds are obviously on the crisis, their loved ones and the economic and social fall-out. I don’t believe the pandemic tells us much about the environment, but one thing that is being startlingly exposed is the fragility of many of our systems, including the food supply. Put simply, shocks … More Rewild our countryside and refarm our cities

After the flood

Wow. It is an absolutely magical time on the fields as they undergo their annual submersion. Perhaps it is my imagination, but this feels like the biggest flood for several years. Even if it only lasts a short time, the impact is huge, and romantic. Walking through the sodden grass this morning, with water approaching … More After the flood

Harvest mice

Sorry for the long absence, but I’ve been busy with other things! However, the marshes have not been idle, and recent camera trap footage shows herons, deer, ducks, and a fox  with a cub all using the scrape in the south field. In the northern fields the ditches are full of tadpoles and dragon flies, … More Harvest mice