Lost Levels

In the past the Somerset Levels teemed with wildlife. Over the centuries numbers have dropped dramatically, and many species have vanished entirely. Sadly this has happened all over Britain, and the decline is still continuing.

By restoring habitats, creating wilder spaces and returning lost species to the Somerset Levels we can hopefully not only play a part in helping to avert ecological collapse, but bring a little more joy to our countryside and our lives. At the same time, regenerating natural habitats may help to revive human cultures based on a more sustainable interaction with the land.

Here are a few of the animals which used to be found in and around the Somerset Levels, and which may – one day – be returned.

Cirl Bunting and Corn Bunting
Dalmatian Pelican
Wild Boar
Red Squirrel
Possibly pine marten or stone marten
Sea Eagle
Golden Eagle
Red Kite
Brown Bear