Amazing news. I was checking the camera traps on one of the fields in Godney, and this otter was wiggling its way along the bank next to me (see video at the bottom of the page). It’s very exciting. I didn’t realise otters were in this area, although I knew they were nearby in Westhay and Shapwick. I’ll need to chat to my neighbours to see if this is a new development or not. In any case it was great to see, and has given me something exciting to try and get on my camera trap, once I get them working again.

All told though I think this brings the number of mammals seen around my fields up to about 9 – otter, badger, fox, roe deer, brown hare, rabbit, field vole, mole, mouse, although no doubt there are more kicking about (I haven’t looked for harvest mice, weasels etc yet!).


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