Swallows and badgers

3312626054_e281d0af4eLovely August day on the marshes. Having missed the swallows for much of the summer it was great to see them back in some numbers and enjoying the south and the north field. Overall it was a good day for birds – with increasingly large flocks of finches and starlings gathering in the hedges, and skylarks still singing. Its too soon to say what the increase in finch numbers is down to, but I am inclined to think that the thousands of seed heads in the uncut grass on my fields is something to do with it. They have always been around, but I guess that’s the difference between biodiversity and abundance!

There are clearly still some ground nesting birds with clutches as I could hear some chicks calling in the grass, although I couldn’t identify them. Kestrels and my marsh harrier were also in evidence, as was a hare which slunk away as soon as it saw me. The grass has collapsed back down again, flattening itself out, and there is a lot of evidence of roe deer and badger too (which is a relief as I hadn’t seen any badger signs for a while).

Over on the more northern site, I also had some good badger news as the camera trap managed to pick one up. I hadn’t used one in that area for a while but it was great to see our stripey friends are still about. I worry about them.

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