iNews article

Hey – there was a cheery piece on small scale rewilding that mentioned Godney Marshes in the iNews recently. Perhaps I am being too sensitive, but there are a few things I would like to mention, as I’m worried the way it is written makes my neighbours sound worse and me sound better. I am … More iNews article

Summer scrape

Wow. We’ve had several weeks of warm weather down in the South West and things have changed dramatically. Most obvious is that both fields are now host to huge numbers of dragonflies and damselflies. Every step sends rattling bolts of electric blue or green in all directions. Hawkers and chasers dash up from the grass … More Summer scrape

May on the meadow

What a difference a couple of weeks of sun makes. At the end of April the land still seemed to be in Winter mode, with icy winds and short grass. Now, in mid-May the change as been startling, with the Levels taking on a lush, almost subtropical feel. The wildlife is making a return too. … More May on the meadow

Beavers are finally being accepted in Britain, now we should welcome the wild boar.

In November 2016 the Scottish Government officially recognised what we have long known – that beavers are a native species in Scotland and that those which have been reintroduced – whether intentionally or not – should be allowed to stay. In December 2017 the UK’s Secretary of State for the environment Michael Gove issued a … More Beavers are finally being accepted in Britain, now we should welcome the wild boar.

Mad about hares

I was down at one of the fields the other day, and as I was stomping back through the grass, cursing the person who stole my camera trap, I almost trod on a hare. Springing out from beneath my feet it dashed off to the other side of the field, tall and brown and elegant. … More Mad about hares

Pictures of new land

As mentioned, I’ve recently acquired another 12 acres in the Levels. It’s really beautiful, and appears to have been largely cut for hay and grazed. It’s more sheltered and private than the first patch, and with more variety of trees and plant life. Crucially too the field is already a little more uneven, with ruts … More Pictures of new land