Project expanding!

Sep 2017 – I’m delighted to announce that my little rewilding project is expanding! I’ve just acquired another two fields, just a couple of kilometers away from my other land. Obviously I would have loved them to be right next door, but they are still in the same landscape and will fulfill the same function of creating little islands of wildlife and chaos across the region.
In terms of what, if any, interventions I make in the new land, it’s too soon to say. I’ll probably need to do a bit of management to begin with, and perhaps the odd bit of grazing… but its going to be exciting! Interestingly I will now have the potential option of enrolling in various agri-environment schemes which allow you to get paid to do various things. Obviously need to be careful with these, and not get drawn down a road that I don’t want to go, but at the same time if I can help cover a bit of the cost of this, that would be helpful!!

Watch this space…

P.s. I used this picture of a goldfinch as they seem to love the fields. Masses of them now.

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