Pictures of new land

As mentioned, I’ve recently acquired another 12 acres in the Levels. It’s really beautiful, and appears to have been largely cut for hay and grazed. It’s more sheltered and private than the first patch, and with more variety of trees and plant life. Crucially too the field is already a little more uneven, with ruts and strips that create a variation in moisture and water depth.

I’ve set up my camera traps and started doing some basic surveying. Already see some badger, deer, foxes and rabbits and a variety of tits in the trees. A few snipe are sheltering in the field middles.

As with the other field I have no fixed idea as to how this will develop. Since it already has some trees – alder, birch, pine and oak –  in the middle (where the two fields divide) and around the edges, there is less need to plant. So I think I will just leave it for a while and see what happens.

Anyway, here are some pictures.


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